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Food Budget Challenge Update!

  Last week’s self-imposed Food Budget Challenge forced me to take a look at my spending habits in the kitchen, and come up with creative ways to use it up, make it do, or do without. I realized I was in a pretty good position to spend a fraction of the $300 allotted in my budget this month. And I had to come to grips with my biggest food habit.     Coffee. Because this is not a starvation food challenge (and I count doing without coffee as starving, Cronies),…

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Eleven House Phase 1 - The Square The "Eleven" : The Fixer Upper 

Eleven House: Out of the Dust! Old House Deconstruction

When you start to work on an old house, interesting things begin to happen. From the moment we repaired the locked front door and began using it as our entrance instead of the steep back stairway to the second floor, we could feel a change. It was as if Eleven House picked its head up and took a deep breath, and started living again. This past week, the local waste management company brought in a huge dumpster. I thought it might be a bit too big for our demolition. I now realize…

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NaBloPoMo bloggity blog blogging

    I just joined BlogHer today and read about NaBloPoMo. With a nod to the popular NaNoWriMo group, which encourages writers to complete a novel in the month of November, BlogHer asks bloggers to post every day in the month of November. It’s already the 2nd of November, and I didn’t post yesterday. I’ll try to get an extra post in tonight. But I am still working those 17-hour days…one more week and I’ll have my evenings back to focus on this blog and my own writing business! I am happy…

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