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One simple word that kills your budget

You want to be in a better financial place, so you downloaded that awesome budget template from your favorite debt-freedom site. One evening, you carefully listed all your expenses (ouch) and every dime of your income (it all matters). It may or may not have balanced to that magic zero. Every coin has a job to do – you have allowed for saving, entertainment, and yearly expenditures. You feel good! And you should. Managing your money instead of letting it manage you. But then, it happens. You take a (free)…

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5 Ways to Stop Overspending

The holidays have passed, and you have overspent again. Who knows why it happens, but it seems that what you have is never enough. You want things. You need things. So you spend without thought of the future, or even the present – you are making purchases that go beyond your income.     Reasons you may be overspending:   Everyone else has one. The television screams that you need the new car, the fancy jewelry, or the giant TV screen that just went on sale. School children come home and insist…

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7 things you can do to save money – without leaving your home

Do you ever wish you could just take a few baby steps right now, to help you feel more in control of your spending? Do you want to do something right now, without leaving your home, that will start moving your money mindset in the right direction? Each of these 7 changes can help you save money – and every penny saved has a wealthy purpose. You may have heard of them – but you may not have done them. They are right there, steps away from you. Go ahead. Pinch…

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