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Make extra money with a part-time job or side hustle.

This post was originally made last year, and my own situation has changed since then. But the information is still solid. The holidays often bring extra bils or responsibilities, and an extra side hustle can bridge the budget gap. Read on: Another side hustle I started another job last week. I signed on to do janitorial work after hours in a nearby company. The job starts right after my childcare position ends in the afternoon, and I arrive back home after 10 pm. My dog isn’t very happy about the…

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I had no idea my parents were a part of my financial future.

My dad left school when he was 16. It was 1935. His father was very ill and could no longer work. So Dad found work at a potato house, sewing that thick string into the tops of 5-lb. bags of potatoes. But when he heard that a local earthmoving company was hiring, he quickly put in an application. He was hired (the youngest ever to be hired there at the time) and began moving up in the company, while earning his high school diploma and two engineering degrees at night.…

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Money Management Money Mindsets 

Running the numbers

So back to the credit card situation. As I said in my previous post,  I moved some money around. I transferred a large balance on one credit card to two cards with smaller limits. Numbers, numbers… I transferred $5000 to a Discover card, offering 4.99% for 21 months, with no balance transfer fee. Another $5000 transferred to a Mastercard, at 0% interest for 12 months, and a $50 transfer fee. But I miscalculated the amount on the original card, and ended up leaving approximately $1400 on the account. I chose…

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Money memories and the mind of a future millionaire

Secrets of the money mind In the book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Eker talks about the money blueprint that we create as children; how our parents or other important figures affect the way we look at and treat money when we become adults. And that blueprint has nothing to do with whether they were good role models or bad ones. We absorb the words and actions of our mentors as children, and subconsciously choose to imitate or rebel against what we have learned. We don’t even know we are…

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