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Running the numbers

  So back to the credit card situation. As I said in my previous post,  I moved some money around. I transferred a large balance on one credit card to two cards with smaller limits. I transferred $5000 to a Discover card, offering 4.99% for 21 months, with no balance transfer fee. Another $5000 was transferred to a Mastercard, at 0% interest for 12 months, and a $50 transfer fee. But I miscalculated the amount on the original card, and ended up leaving approximately $1400 on the account. Since that…

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Working for a reason

  I haven’t forgotten about you, Cronies. I have been busy manifesting my freedom! My plan for Financial Freedom is slowly chugging forward. Since I last posted, I added $60 in pet-sitting jobs to the budget payoff system, and interviewed for a few more pet-sitting opportunities. My childcare position for the 2015-2016 school year has begun as well. Last week, I interviewed for another position – cleaning buildings after business hours – and I was hired! I just sent in the final paperwork to be officially scheduled, so in the…

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9 easy ways to save money every month.

On the road to financial freedom, it  is pretty common to start looking at ways to shave money from expenses. But frugality is already a part of my life. I told you, my parents lived through the Depression and definitely imprinted the “use it up, wear it out, make it do , or do without” philosophy on their children. But I will share some ways to stretch that already-earned dollar: Dump the cable. You hear this all the time, but have you tried it? Really, cut the cord. Switch off that…

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Paper money or plastic credit card?

I got real with myself, and looked at my credit card balance and my budget. After  I got over my shock and realized I was in the red, I set to work creating some solutions. I am not a big spender. In fact, some of the most common ways of cutting expenses wouldn’t work in my case. I had already put them in place years before. I don’t have cable (I watch Netflix and have an antenna for the local channels). I’m careful about my electrical use, use a drop-off…

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