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Eat cookies, save money.

C is for Cookie The incredible, edible cookie! The month of October is dedicated to this favorite homemade sweet treat. “There is a very strong emotional link for so many people which is why cookies are a comfort food,” says Brette Sember, author of Cookie: A Love Story: Fun Facts, Delicious Stories, Fascinating History, Tasty Recipes, and More About Our Most Beloved Treat.  “They are a true American food – the modern concept of them was born here and is an expression of American ingenuity.” Sember tells us that the fortune…

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Save money by learning from older relatives

My parents were older by the time I came along. They both grew up during the Depression, so they learned how to save money by doing without. Experience as parents gave them more insight. I have now raised my own children and have more adventures in my memory that I could ever share – and I don’t want to share some of it. But every generation has knowledge and truths that can be passed on to the next. Sometimes you can even learn from the bad advice, by doing the…

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Why I don’t tell you how much money I make

I work at home. That statement has many layers of meaning. I own my own communications business which includes writing, voice work and speaking. From idea to creation to bookkeeping, I’m responsible. I set the alarm in the morning, start working as soon as I have poured my first cup of coffee (I turn on the computer on my way to the kitchen), take breaks and lunch hours as if I am at an office job. I work late, on weekends, and often go over ideas with my writing colleagues…

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One simple word that kills your budget

You want to be in a better financial place, so you downloaded that awesome budget template from your favorite debt-freedom site. One evening, you carefully listed all your expenses (ouch) and every dime of your income (it all matters). It may or may not have balanced to that magic zero. Every coin has a job to do – you have allowed for saving, entertainment, and yearly expenditures. You feel good! And you should. Managing your money instead of letting it manage you. But then, it happens. You take a (free)…

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9 easy ways to save money every month.

Shave and Save Money On the road to financial freedom, it  is pretty common to start looking at ways to shave money from expenses. But frugality is already a part of my life. I told you, my parents lived through the Depression and definitely imprinted the “use it up, wear it out, make it do , or do without” philosophy on their children. But I will share some ways to stretch that already-earned dollar: Dump the cable. You hear this all the time, but have you tried it? Really, cut the…

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