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You can have fun this fall without spending a dime – hunt for leaf goblins!

Woooooo – Fall is Here!

This morning I went hunting for goblins.

It is a tradition for my sons and I. We look for elusive little faces in the fallen leaves, search for eyes and profiles and comical looks among the scattered bits of color. Yes, those perfect, colorful leaves of red, yellow, and orange are the dreams of some. But most often we bag the best goblins among the crisp brown leaves that few acknowledge. For subscribers who may not receive the post pictures in the mailing, click on to the website blog to view leaf goblins.

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My own sons are grown and flown. But as a caregiver, I get to play the same game with Simon and Solomon. Before the school bus slowed in front of the house, we spent a few minutes on the hunt for leaf goblins.

No Trick – This is Frugal Fun

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with kids – or with adults who can still find the fun in an autumn day. Pick up those lovely red, yellow and green leaves for decoration (instead of those plastic ones in the store). But arm yourself with a camera and snap some shots of the ever-elusive leaf goblin. Watch out though – they’ll turn on you.

Other ways to have fun this fall:

Have a leaf jump party for the kids – rake up those fallen leaves and let them jump to their hearts’ content!

Use that camera for more than leaf goblins – take the family to a nature trail and take frame-worthy pictures for the scrapbook.

Craft away with these gifts of nature. Here is a list of ideas to get you started.



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