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Hello, goodbye! One year ends and a new year begins.


Here it is again – the end.

And the beginning!


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The new year brings a sense of closure, while welcoming in new adventures. I hear dialogue around me when I am out running errands:

“I’m so glad 2016 is over.”

“I hope 2017 is better than 2016.”

“This year was awful. I can’t take another year like that.”




It sounds as though nothing went right in 2016. By focusing on the “bad” parts of 2016, the whole year becomes a big boiling pot of horrible.


Focusing on what is bad just makes it expand to fill every corner of your world.

I’ll take the other road, thank you. 2016 was amazing! I bought an awesome 1893 Edwardian, now known as Eleven House. The demolition of 125 years of plaster and lathe, and accumulated junk went slower than we planned and laughed at our budget. But we cleared it all out and after the dust settled a bit, we moved ahead with some of the work – running a little bit of electricity and putting in some insulation.

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Looking forward to 2017, we plan to speed it up a bit. We need to install beams on the studio side, put on a new roof (a BIG surprise expense – but we’ll only have to do it once!), put in the studio apartment electrical panel and set outlets and light fixtures, install plumbing (oh, my blessings for a working bathroom!) and close in the walls so I can call it my home until the larger apartment is finished.

My oldest son was married in the summer of 2016. My youngest son also committed to a wonderful woman and two amazing young children. I am so grateful to have these women in my family; they are beautiful on the inside and outside, love completely and embrace their future with my sons.

Bill Spaid and I became engaged this past spring! Perhaps we’ll tie the knot in 2017. We’re both looking forward to new adventures – some are brewing already!

cashcroneStay tuned for updates.

I finally made a really good loaf of bread, thanks to William Butler Yeast, my sourdough starter. It sounds like a small accomplishment, but it feels so much bigger.

My business is building and I am having so much fun along the way. I have personally released some inner tethers and celebrate the freedom it allows me. How can I complain? Life is a beautiful thing, and although there are missteps and obstacles, we can choose to trip on them over and over again and worry about the tripping – or we can stand up and brush ourselves off, and move ahead with laughter and good intentions.

So instead of bogging yourself down with resolutions that you instantly worry about breaking, grab a piece of paper and write this down:

I am so happy and grateful to be living in the present, enjoying each moment, and finding good in every experience.


That’s it.

Change your dialogue to:

“I am excited to see what the new year brings!”

“Lots of good things that happened in 2016. I know there will be more in 2017!”



Stop complaining and start living with every fiber of your humanness and every sparkle of your soul.

I’ll see you in 2017!

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