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Goals for 2018? Start with Grateful.

Another new year! But before we leap into 2018, let’s stop, take a deep breath, and be grateful for 2017.

I know, I know – lots of craziness happened in 2017. You don’t want to think about it.

But here’s the thing. Without 2017, you wouldn’t have 2018. And here we are. Waiting at the edge of something very, very exciting!

So before you rip down that old, stained, inked-up 2017 calendar, flip back through its pages and remember the good things that happened.

There are always good things.

No matter how bad you think the year was, you can find things of which you are grateful.

I lost my mother in June of 2017. It changed me on a level I can’t explain. I am not grateful that I don’t have her here on earth – but at the same time I am grateful. She was a few months shy of 93 fabulous turns around the sun, and she was so ready to go on her next adventure. Her last weeks were painful, and we brought her home for hospice. She was home, in her own living room, surrounded by family members who loved her. We filled her house with laughter and good kitchen smells. Someone found the old Scrabble game. It’s funny how siblings in their fifties go back to their childhoods when the board games come out! Mom wasn’t conscious most of the time, but she did have a few good days of awareness.  She read her last Sunday newspaper, sang her favorite song (Summertime from Porgy and Bess), and she was able to eat an entire bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. She loved ice cream more than any other food on the planet.

I am so grateful she was a part of my life.

Sales and Sons

I sold my home in August to a couple who were first-time homeowners. They fell in love with the house and have become a part of the neighborhood. I am grateful to have played a part in their happiness. For five years I renovated the 100-year-old house, painting the old green exterior  a bright silver gray and white. Eleven House is still in progress. Although my plans had to change with the house, I’m okay with it. I’ll continue renovations with it as soon as I am able.

My grown children continue to find ways to make the world a better place. They inspire me with their creativity and drive. Their families are growing, but all three boys continue to have good relationships with each other, in spite of living in separate states.  I can’t wait to see what they will all do next!

A Big Move

I moved in with my sweetheart this year, after five years of dating long distance! I am grateful to have such a loving and kind partner, and every day is a step forward towards our own future together. We moved to a location where housing prices are incredibly high. We’re unable to qualify for a mortgage for a fair home in a fair area – yet. Our businesses are growing, so all is well.

The house we are renting is located directly across from a little neighborhood park. Since we moved in, I have loved to see what’s happening there. We watched cricket games during the last days of summer. Dozens of black squirrels kept us entertained during the fall months. And now, the field is an active skating rink.

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Every day, a man we dubbed “The Boss” came to survey the ball field. He and another man shoveled the snow away, picked leaves and debris, and watered the field until it was perfect. As soon as his “Not ready” sign came down, the ice rink became the center of park activity. Today, it is a symphony of skaters of all ages.

We’re moving again in January. My partner needs to be closer to his work, and the move will also allow us to be closer to his family. He’s grateful, and so am I. I make friends easily, and family is important, right?

I started another blogsite in November called Big Purple Marble. It is entirely different than Cash Crone – it celebrates, play, exploration, and expansion of knowledge. Please check it out and subscribe if you like the content.

And please let me know you are reading Cash Crone – it needs to generate more income at this point in its growth, or I will have to shut it down. I’d love to know you want it to stick around a little longer!


We’ll Be Great in Two Oh One Eight!

This post doesn’t have any “wow” tips and ideas for saving money or spending wisely. But remember that gratitude is valuable. What you focus on in your life expands. Be grateful for the wonderful things that happen every day. The smiles, the laughter, the family dinners – even if they are budget meals. The kids won’t remember the meals, but they will remember the feeling.

What you focus on in your life expands.

Make emotions your goals for 2018 instead of material things. Create a budget that allows for inexpensive but memory-making events. Make family dinners fun. Spend an afternoon making cookies together, or skating at the local park, or playing Scrabble.

Be grateful.

Ring in the new year with love.


Feature photo by luca upper of unsplash

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