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Comb your hair, say cheese, and invest your money.


Today was picture day for the kids I care for (job number 2).  Oldest Boy was excited; he kept adjusting his new button-down shirt and checking his hair in the mirror. He chatted about poses and hair gel.

Youngest Boy…not so much.

He whined about wearing the new, hard to button shirt and the scratchy long pants. He slammed the bathroom door and cried, saying he would not be able to play at recess or participate in gym class.

We worked through it. I told him I understood his unhappiness, and that it was okay to be unhappy. Sometimes we have to do things that aren’t so much fun. He cried that he would be uncomfortable all day. I said he could wear a tee-shirt under his button-down shirt, and I would tuck a pair of sweatpants in his backpack so he could change as soon as the pictures were over.

In the end, Youngest Boy went off to school with a smile – knowing that there was an end to his torture, and that someone understood his discomfort.

Job number 3, for me, is my picture day.

Instead of wearing scratchy pants and hair gel, I am cleaning bathrooms and hoisting a backpack vacuum cleaner through a power company building. It is not glamorous, or exciting, or anything except a paycheck at the end of the week to add to my Financial Freedom Fund. But while I am there, I give 100% and focus on the moment, knowing that the financial picture will look better at the end.

Before posting this I took a look at my credit card picture. I have paid off my dreaded, 13.99% credit card balance! I couldn’t look at it any longer, and I took a few hundred out of my savings account to complete a paid in full transaction. Yay! What a relief. I am now using this card to make my budgeted expenses like gas for the truck, groceries, and phone bill. I immediately go to the site and pay it off from my checking account. The benefit to doing  this is that I receive cash back from the credit card for my purchases, so now I am actually making money by using this credit card (remember, this only works if you pay off the total every month! ).


Percentages and Persistance

My second credit card has a $4419 balance at 4.99% for 21 months (I have 20 months left on the deal). With my budgeted payment, I plan to pay this card off in 12 months. My third credit card account carries a $4982 balance at 0% interest for 12 months. This card will also be paid off in 12 months if I stick to the plan.

My Financial Freedom Account is slowly growing, keeping me excited about investing in another home. I am constantly on the lookout for deals, even though I probably won’t be ready to buy until the spring at the earliest. However, a friend mentioned she knew someone who may be interested in renting my current home, so the Universe is already sending me opportunities in answer to my intentions! Isn’t it amazing?


I also happened on @Stock_Hobo on Twitter. He is conducting an investment experiment to prove that anyone of any income level can invest. He started the experiment with only 16 cents, and is earning funds “by the penny.” Now,  a frugal girl always picks up pennies. I think using these pennies – which I consider little wishes – in a special way sounds like a great idea! Check out his website.

Have you been practicing your own ability to manifest in a positive way? Share your success stories!




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