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BACON can help you get on the road to wealth in 5 steps.

I love bacon. The problem is, the bacon I love is the nitrite-free, uncured, local, pasture-raised kind. That means it costs more to enjoy.



Although I am on a budget, I still buy this bacon on occasion, because it is important to enjoy the journey on the way to wealth. I use it wisely, and never, ever, waste it. The grease goes into a jar and is used to add fat and flavor to other dishes.


Here’s how you can use BACON to help you become debt-free:


B – Budget.


I know – you might be getting tired of my saying that the path to wealth begins with a budget. But it does. You have to control your money instead of your money controlling you. If you don’t know where to start, look for a free, simple budget template online – I’ll work on one to offer here in the near future. Services like help you track spending and see where your extra money is going. Take a good hard look at your income and expenses, and look for places where you can lower the monthly amount.


A – Add a second job.

Or a third. Do whatever it takes to increase your income. Don’t overlook asking for additional hours at your primary job – many companies prefer giving more hours to solid, reliable employees instead of hiring someone else. Here are some ideas for side hustles to help you begin.



C – Conscious spending.

You are earning money not only to pay bills, but also to increase your well-being. If you look forward to those yoga classes after work to help you stay emotionally balanced – you need to keep the classes in your budget. But you could ask the yoga instructor if there are discounts available, or if you can barter part of the classes. Ask for a gift card to the yoga center when parents or friends ask you what you would like to have for a birthday. You’ll get much more out of the yoga classes than you would from a knick-knack or a new sweater.


O- Optimism.

Staying positive and expecting a good outcome is more important than you think. Our thoughts create our worlds, and a happy outlook attracts a happy outcome. Smile – the act itself makes you feel better.


N – New habits.

Doing the same old thing, and spending in the same old way gives you the same old result. Adopt new spending and saving habits. Make that deposit in your savings account BEFORE paying anything – put yourself first and start building a better future. Say no to friends who try to lure you into the spending world again – offer alternatives to evenings out, like a Netflix night or a potluck meal.


Who doesn’t love BACON? And it’s even better when it helps you create a better future.


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