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6 questions to ask yourself about saving money

Journalists often interview sources or experts by using the six traditional questions – who? what? when? where? how? and why? – as probes to more information. The questions can open up more discussion, uncover new information, or clarify vague or confusing statements.

Ask yourself these questions to start saving money and find a path to wealth:


When outlining your wealth path, you must consider who is involved. Do you have a partner you want to share with or support? Or do you have dependents, or elderly parents who might play a part in your future? List the players in your wealth game.For this article, we will assume you are single and free as a bird, with no family members who might have a legitimate say in your money plan.

Now, break this question down even further, by listing your personality traits. You might be saying, “Cash Crone, why in the world would asking questions about my personality have anything to do with my wealth building?” Up until now, your personality has played a part in every thing you do, from education to travel, from the type of car you drive and the career you have chosen. So of course, it plays a part in your money life.

Are you bold and adventurous, or cautious and refined? Do you take a role of leadership, or would you prefer to follow behind someone who leads well? Do you like quality or quantity, steak or hamburger, Chevy or Rolls Royce? Honor who you really are – there is no wrong answer. These questions simply show you how you want to invest, save, or spend (and how you have spent in the past). You can then see how wealth will manifest for you if you choose. A fancy car and a resort membership may be the symbol of wealth to one person, and another is happy with a motorcycle and an open road.


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What do you want to accomplish in the future? Ask what you have now, and what you want to create in the future?What is the meaning behind your desire to save, spend, or invest? Consider what is most important.

Give your wealth future a shape. Understand exactly what a successful financial life is to you. Go crazy on these questions. If you want to shoot for a mansion on the coast, vacations to exotic destinations, or a new start-up business that will fund a charity, then now is the time.


I think time is made-up by humans to control actions, and it works very well. Schedules, deadlines, dinner times – we move through the day using these things as false parents, reining in our desire to run and play and eat Snow Cones. But for these questions we will do as we’re told. When do you want to see a result in your wealth building? Do you have a 1 year, 5 year, or 10 year plan for savings or debt reduction? More importantly, when did you start to lose control in your past? Was there an event that started to mold your mindset about money? When did you realize it all had to change?


This question asks for a place – it is scene and backdrop to a story. Describe your scene at every level of your life. Where you grew up, your residence, your first home, the city you live in – everything factors into your spending and saving, as well as your money mindset. Do you recall a childhood home that your friends loved to visit, or did you make excuses to keep them away? Did you work on the family farm, or have a nanny in a penthouse in Manhattan?

Look at where you are now  and ask questions – does it make you feel vindicated, or resigned? Describe your surroundings in detail and pay attention to what props make you happy, sad, or frightened.





Why is a question that demands closure of some sort. Because excuses, reasons, conclusions, theory, or other “becauses” allow you to understand the background of a result. Why are you struggling to pay off debt? Why did you leave that last job? Or why do you spend money on one thing, and not another? I would tuck “why not?’ into this category as well – why didn’t you take a risk or ignore a caution? Why are you here, in this “where,” figuring out “what?”


This lone H in the world of W shoulders a big burden. How did you get here, and how will you move forward? This is the budget question, the action question, the question that makes you put on your pants and make grown-up decisions about work, play, living and loving. And this is the question that asks for you to make baby action steps to your goals. Because it only takes baby steps. You don’t have to turn into a Money Transformer to see change. You only have to move in the right direction. Even falling forward will tell the universe that this is what you really want – to make a difference in your life and finally manage your money instead of letting it manage you.

A good journalist asks questions – and listens to the answers. Be nonjudgmental with yourself. You did the best you knew how, and now you are doing something better. You’ve got this!

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