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13 Lucky – and Budget-Friendly Ways to Spend the Weekend

Today was a day that all paraskevidekatriaphobics dread. That long word is the scientific name for those who fear Friday the 13th. I think the day is lucky.

The superstition may have taken hold in the early 1300s, when Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of Knights of the Templar. Not so lucky for the knights. No one knows for certain, but today the day is considered unlucky for some.


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If you believe the day holds terrible things, it will. If you believe it can be a magical day full of surprises, it will be. You are the one who decides what kind of day you will have – from beginning to end.

I like to celebrate these special days. So I’ll party on with 13 free or inexpensive ways to enjoy your weekend:

Weekend Fun

  1. Toys R Us is having a free LEGO Star Wars Build Event on Saturday, November 14th, for children ages 6 and up. They can build a LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter at their local Toys R Us store from 12 to 2 pm. Grab your favorite kid and have fun building! But get there early as it is a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Starbucks is giving out free coffee this weekend. Buy one holiday drink and get another free.
  3. Go to your local library. Really. The library is one of those “hidden in plain sight” ways to save money, people. You can check out books, movies, and even artwork at libraries. If you can’t find a particular book, ask your librarian (use your inside voice), and she can order it for you. Membership is usually free. Make sure you return them on time – this Maryland woman kept her library book for more than 30 years. 
  4. Read all those debt-reduction blogs you wanted to read. Including this one. If you need a place to start, here is an extremely honest blog I ran across today. Here’s another. I could go on, but I won’t. You have the whole weekend to find your own favorites. Reading them can help you jump-start your own financial freedom, or help you get out of a money rut.
  5. Play some online games. I found this great list of games on
  6. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Our family always had one in progress on a big piece of plywood, so you could put it on the table or move it when it was dinnertime. Or pull out one of those great, classic games. You can high-tech games like Scrabble, but it isn’t quite the same as keeping score with pencil and paper.
  7. Learn a new dance. Or an old one.
  8. Renew an old hobby. I’m planning to pull out the sewing machine and look at my stash of material this weekend. Who knows what I’ll conjure up? Maybe you can dust off the old ukelele.
  9. Learn to make something at Home Depot’s Saturday workshops. This weekend, you can learn to make a Christmas Tree Card Holder or a Stocking  Holder.

Want More?

  1. Sharpen your crayons. Coloring is not just for kids. I found this site that lists more than 30 sites that offers free coloring pages for adults. Now where is that 64-pack?
  2. Take a tiny road trip. Drive to the next town, and see what is happening there. Take an old-fashioned Sunday drive through the country and stop for a debt-busting, homemade picnic lunch. Take a selfie with someone you don’t know. Make it an adventure!
  3. Have a garage sale. It doesn’t matter if it is cold outside, if you haven’t advertised, or if you don’t have anything tagged – do it anyway! You can call it a “Last-Minute Lawn Sale” and put on your best salesman’s face. Later, you can have a more polished sale, but the goal is to make it fun and bring in some cash.
  4. Start listing ways you will celebrate when you have reached your goal of financial freedom, then create a list of ways to reduce your debt or increase your income.

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    Did you take that intro picture? that must be near where you live? Wow! That’s a little bit of a contrast to Tucson desert. Brings back memories of 1999? Was that when we visited you in upstate New York?

    1. Sam, this is a stock photo but looks very similar to my old stomping grounds in New York!

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