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Working for a reason

I haven’t forgotten about you, Cronies. I have been busy manifesting my freedom!

My plan for Financial Freedom is slowly chugging forward. Since I last posted, I added $60 in pet-sitting jobs to the budget payoff system, and interviewed for a few more pet-sitting opportunities.

My childcare position for the 2015-2016 school year has begun as well. Last week, I interviewed for another position – cleaning buildings after business hours – and I was hired! I just sent in the final paperwork to be officially scheduled, so in the next week or two I will begin a job in my area, Monday through Friday.


It won’t be easy to juggle two part-time jobs, my own writing and voiceover business, home and loved ones. But it feels good to know that I am on my way out of credit card debt and on to the Financial Freedom road. I am so grateful for the opportunities the Universe is sending my way! When looking for a second part-time job, I had some guidelines:

  1. It needed to be located near my home and/or childcare position, so I wasn’t spending a lot of pay on gasoline to and from the workplace.
  2. It allowed me to work between the hours of 5:30 pm and 10:30 pm.
  3. It had to pay more than minimum wage.

Those requirements limited my options.

But I sent out my gratitude and intentions, and took action by submitting resumes. Within a week, I was called to interview for the cleaning position.



It is going to take some planning. I know I can do it! Thoughts become things – before long, I will be looking for my first rental properties with solid financial backing!

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