Manifesting Money 

Make extra money with a part-time job or side hustle.

This post was originally made last year, and my own situation has changed since then. But the information is still solid. The holidays often bring extra bils or responsibilities, and an extra side hustle can bridge the budget gap. Read on:

Another side hustle

I started another job last week. I signed on to do janitorial work after hours in a nearby company. The job starts right after my childcare position ends in the afternoon, and I arrive back home after 10 pm. My dog isn’t very happy about the whole schedule change.

I have to admit, the additional job is kicking my rear. But here’s the positive spin: I walk a lot for this job, so my rear should get smaller (here’s hoping)! It is also a paycheck that is directly deposited into my bank account, where it can be whisked off to the Financial Freedom account. And I know it is temporary – not a career choice, simply a way to increase my income.

It didn’t take long to find this job, even though I had strict requirements.  If you intend something, then take action, it has to manifest. If you don’t buy into that philosophy, or you are not sure if you can do it, then start small. Tell yourself that you will manifest something that you can believe in, but that is obvious enough to know you have manifested it.

Then state your goal – here are a few examples:

  1. “I will find a penny on the ground today.”
  2. “A parking space with time left on the meter – I see it!”
  3. “Thank you for an unexpected package today.”

Now, you have to take action. Yes – you have to take action. You won’t find the penny if you are not looking. You will not get a parking space if you don’t drive anywhere to park. Get it? You have to move forward with your intention by taking action. And BELIEVING it can happen. Visualize yourself picking up that penny, or pulling to that space with time on the meter. Imagine your feeling of satisfaction when it happens.


Job Intentions

Once you are comfortable with manifesting, try the job intention. State your goal of finding an extra job, and take action by looking in the classified ads. Here are a few places you could look:

  • classified ads in a local print paper.
  • Craigslist ads
  • local online ads (Front Porch Forum is is a Vermont community, and there are similar groups all over the United States).
  • bulletin boards in grocery stores, information booths, etc
  • Linkedin or other networking sites.

Think of your talents and skills beyond your current 9 to 5 job:

  • Childcare – consider substitute teaching, in-home childcare, after school care at local clubs, or one-time baby-sitting jobs.
  • Baking or cooking – do you have a signature dish? Advertise with your friends, take orders and deliver the product on a specific day. Create your own homemade supper delivery, offering healthy foods that customers can enjoy immediately, or freeze for later. Make sure you calculate your expenses and labor and price accordingly.
  • Lawn mowing or snow plowing.

    And more!

  • Housecleaning. People pay for clean houses.
  • Window washing. I just saw an ad by a local business asking for a window washer. This is a job that has a very small start-up cost.
  • Pet sitting.
  • Guitar, piano or drum lessons – or any instrument. A local man offers harmonica lessons, and another give lessons on the zither.
  • Interpretor – does your city have foreign tourists or visitors who speak your second (or native) language? Offer to interpret for them during a city tour or a business visit.
  • Weekend farm help. Most farms need extra help during harvest and planting seasons.
  • Temporary help for retail businesses. Many businesses hire through a temp agency, such as Manpower or Kelly Services. Once you are in the system, you are offered jobs that fit your qualifications or time constraints.
  • Can you knit, or crochet, or sew quilts? Even Amazon is getting into the marketplace with handmade goods. Create your products and set up an account on Etsy or other online bazaar sites. Here is a great Etsy success story.
  • Sell seasonal items, yard sale style. Advertise your product (trees and wreaths, pumpkins, seedlings and transplants, holidays gifts, etc) in the rummage sale section of the newspaper, giving a start and end time.

I will offer a longer list in a future post. But for now, intend your goal, and act on it!

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