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How to Save Money on Movies

I love movies. And I find that there are so many I missed over the years. I also love the old classics – Tracy and Hepburn films, old-but-still-good scary movies like The Thing, or the  comedies that never grow old, like Groundhog Day.

My sweetheart has a huge collection of movies, so we can watch one of them at no cost. But sometimes it’s nice to be nostalgic and sit in those velvet theater seats, smell the popcorn, and experience the big screen.

Here are some ways to save money on movies:

Look for Groupon deals

Groupon and other coupon sites sometimes have BOGO or 50% off ticket price deals for specific theaters. We recently spotted a deal for two movies and popcorn for $22. Sign up for local and national group coupon deals like these and get deals delivered to your inbox.

Go to the matinee

Get over the idea that matinees are only for senior citizens. Snag a discount price on those movie tickets and save for your retirement.

Watch for late run movies.

Dedicated movie fans try to see the movie as soon as it is released, to avoid spoilers and be in on the earliest discussions. Do you really need to stand in line for first viewing? If not then save money on movies that are starting to fade off in the distance.


Try out a Movie Pass app.

MoviePass launched in 2011 and made you print out your own tickets at home. But now it has an app that you check in on before buying tickets at the theater. Their approximate $10 monthly fee has no blackout dates, and you can see one movie per day (not including IMAX or 3D films).  The company now has over 1 million members, but a caveat – the app is only good if the theater accepts Mastercards, and particpates in the service. If you saw two movies per week per month, your savings could be around $990 per year.

Buy the large popcorn, and share.

We all know it isn’t cool to bring in your own snacks, but nothing says you can’t bring in your own bowls or bags. Buy the large popcorn and split it up among the viewers, so everyone can munch away without reaching into someone else’s lap.

Check out social media.

Does that cute neighborhood theater have a Facebook account? Sign up, and you may catch a drawing for free tickets, or a special discount for members. If you aren’t sure if there is a deal out there, call the theater – they might tell you how to snag discounts.


Use eBates

eBates offers cash back on purchases if your go through their site. Outlets such as Ticketmaster can be found on this site.

Wait until the movie shows up on Netflix.

Hey, we know you are saving loads of money by ditching the cable television and watching shows on Hulu and Netflix. So why not save money on movies by watching them at home? Find a great film, put on your jammies, snuggle into your spot on the couch, and munch homemade popcorn. You can watch as many movies as you want, in a row. Guardians of the Galaxy, anyone? It’s a win.

Photo courtesy Ricky Turner of Unsplash.

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