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My blog is a casserole.

casserole, budget, saving
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Have you ever typed in a word or phrase, and spellcheck changes it into something that looks nothing like your original phrase? For instance, I was texting someone and meant to say “I like that place.” Spellcheck typed out “Let Lebanon read.” Or just a few minutes ago, I was doing a search for Cash Crone on a web site, and the search function asked if I was really looking for the word “casserole.” Really? Casserole is a one-pot dish, or the pot used to cook a one-pot dish. Or the world is often used on family-friendly cable stations  to replace a not-so-nice word. “You know what? You’re a casserole!” And I would like to think that I am not. A casserole. Of any sort.

But Cash Crone, the blog, might be a sort of casserole. It holds a variety of tips, ideas, and topics. They all come together and compliment each other, forming one flavor out of many. Cash Crone is a casserole of wealth-building – posts about DIY, savings, wise spending, investments, living mindfully, and many others. We never know what topic might be added next.

My financial life could be a casserole – I might eagerly pick out the ingredients I like best, or that I am most comfortable dealing with, and leave the rest for last. But I usually clean my plate – unless there are peas involved. I can’t even choke them down. The compost bin can have them. However, I have learned to pay attention to those “financial peas” on my plate and give them the respect they deserve.

Let Lebanon read Cash Crone. Casserole can be good for a budget.

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    This fits nicely with my thoughts on Maytag Moments.

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