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Become Wealthy by Saving Pennies

I think pennies are powerful.

I stopped at the bank to deposit a check this morning, and when I returned to my truck I found a penny lying right next to the driver’s side door.

Abe has Mojo

When pennies show up in my daily routines, I get excited about it. I say “Penny! Thank you, universe!” and I pick it up and put it in my pocket.  I put my found pennies in my Financial Freedom jar at home, affirming that I am on a vibrational level to receive money – and any amount, no matter how small, is received with open arms and gratitude. Ignoring or looking with disdain at the gift of a penny is blocking the flow of money into my life. A few months ago, I rolled over $100 worth of little Lincolns and put them in the bank. Every penny has a purpose.

If you would like to look at the penny’s coppery goodness, here are some ways you can do just that, including a very cool bathroom floor.

We still use pennies to measure the tread of a tire.

We ask, “a penny for your thoughts?” or “That’s my two cents.”

Some people believe that found pennies are messages from loved ones who have passed on.

Pennies from the 1960s can be soaked in a vinegar solution to make a beautiful blue wood stain.

If you drop a few coppers in a plastic bag partially filled with water, and hang it on your porch or patio, the flies will stay away. It really works. I do this every summer with success.

Use an app to find the location of pressed penny machines – a great (and frugal) souvenir.

James Bond’s true love was Ms. Moneypenny.


Little Actions

Do you look at this picture and see a nearly empty coin purse – or the beginning of a full one?
image by Mr GC of

Pennies are tiny reminders that being grateful for the small gifts allow the greater gifts to come to us. Do you see them and pass by, thinking that they are insignificant? Do you ignore the small events in your life in the same fashion? Think of pennies as snowflakes. One snowflake may have little effect on the terrain. Let them collect, and you might be looking at a different wealth landscape.

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