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Eleven House: Beams are up, Scotty!

We were beaming last week! Two engineered beams were installed in the studio side of Eleven House!

Cats in the attic?

I haven’t posted about Eleven House for some time – because nothing has happened. We stalled out after we went way over the demolition budget. Who knew that removing plaster and debris could be so expensive? Lesson learned – factor in high costs for preparation.

When we opened the ceilings, we found a roof with some problems. In fact, someone had “fixed” a leak by placing a cat litter box under the leak and running a hose from the litter box to the drain. Um-hum. This guy took DIY roof repair to a whole new level.

The DIY leak stop. Note the hose, that was siliconed into the gutter.
cash crone, leak, DIY
We found this cat litter pan placed under the roof leak, and connected to the gutter by a hose.

More leaks started somewhere higher and ran down the beams – to the litter pan. So we gave the previous owner an A for innovation. We couldn’t get roofers in to pull off the old tar and gravel and put in a nice new membrane, because winter was coming, so the pan had to stay there for the time being. The budget gets a major reshuffle to accommodate that $10K project.


Sisters and beams

Once the ceilings came down, we could see what we needed to do to remove the walls on the studio side of the house – these walls cut the space into two tiny rooms, and they had to go. We called the city building inspector and an engineer to assess the space.

Then it was down to the basement to take a look at the floor joists. Two joists had large splits and had been compromised by previous owners cutting holes for plumbing pipes. On the floor we found an opening for a back stairwell, and the floor had sagged a bit.

You can see some of the sistered joists and the new engineered beam here:
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Now, we could not do this without a lot of help from friends. Two good friends with strong backs and happy attitudes made the whole day more fun! Bill Spaid and I installed all the sisters on one day, and then Ian and Jon came over to help with the beam installation. Then we were able to lag bolt the beams and remove the wall:









We had a warm spell over that weekend, which allowed us to do this work (and open up the doors to clear out the stuffiness). Now, it’s cold again – and I have to take a hard look at the budget. Each time a new surprise appears, I say I’ll shave the expense off the end of the project! We have to get creative with finish work – and let go of a few ideas we had for the house. Let’s just say the kitchens will be unique chic, and minimalism will be the catchword! Eleven House is looking for sponsors for the electrical, plumbing, roofing and drywall portions of the project, so suppliers, please feel free to contact me!



And no matter what we encounter – Eleven House is a delightful space! I want to move into the studio apartment side of the house by fall. I love the energy there, and I can’t wait to experience the finished product!


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