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Pizza Helps You Save Money

Pizza is a given on a tight food budget. If you are the average American, you will eat approximately 6,000 slices of pizza in your lifetime! To celebrate National Pizza Day, let’s chew on some facts about pizza:

The first American pizza joint was in New York City.

Lombardi’s was a grocery store, but  then they started selling pizza in 1905. Smart move. Word spread, and pizza traveled to Boston, New Jersey, and other cities that were homes to Italian immigrants.

Pepperoni is the favorite topping.

According to, 36% of pizza topping orders are pepperoni.

saving money, pizza, cash crone
photo by Thomas Tucker

The toppings are different in Japan.

Squid pizza, anyone?

We’re not sure where it originated, but Italy claims it.

In fact, the word pizza can be found in a 997 AD Latin text written in southern Italy. I wonder if they had pepperoni back then?

Hawaiian pizza wasn’t invented in Hawaii.

A Greek native created the popular topping. He ran a pizzeria in Canada.

A pizza shop in Anchorage, Alaska sells approximately $6 million worth of pizza every year.

Every year. We found it for you. It is called Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria. As the name implies, you can have some of their Broken Tooth Brewery Beer with your slice.

cash crone, pizza, save money, spend wisely
photo by Nadia Spetnitskaya

You can make your own.

If you can’t plan a trip to Alaska, consider making a perfectly reasonable, thrifty pizza at home. This is a site that helps you save money and spend wisely, so we can’t just tell you about pizza. We have to show you a frugal way to work it into your budget. And pizza is really inexpensive.

We love this easy pizza dough recipe by Heather of It only takes 10 minutes, and it isn’t finicky. Just make it, knead it, and roll or pull it into whatever shape you want (a great task for kids!).

Now, I have already told you about William Butler Yeast, my fantastic sourdough starter. Yes, he is still alive and kicking, and I make two loaves of tasty sourdough bread every week, and sourdough pancakes when my sweetheart and I can sit down for a weekend breakfast together. But here is a recipe for pizza dough made from sourdough starter. I can’t wait to add that to my list of sourdough goodies!





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