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When the freezer door opens, a muffin earns its wings.


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Somehow, the freezer part of my refrigerator popped open yesterday. I noticed it a few hours later – after several items had thawed. So instead of sending it to compost heaven – or trying to eat my way through it all –  I decided to make muffins out of several cups of thawed squash and pumpkin puree, currants, and a handful of mixed berries.

I turned to one of my old favorite frugal muffin recipes, from Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette. It really isn’t a recipe; it is a tutorial on how to create a muffin. I found it online for you, dear Cronies, on a blog called Less is Enough. Amy was a leader in the frugal movement in the 90s, and I still have her books. Admittedly, some of it is out-dated, but there are still lots of great tips and suggestions you can use. Her muffin recipe is one of my favorites.

My sweetheart – we’ll call him “Bill Spaid” – and I had a marathon bake session this morning and cranked out several dozen muffins of varying sizes. I used a variety of flours from my pantry, including almond flour, rice flour and whole wheat flour. I also tossed in some oatmeal, leftover pecans and walnuts. A confession – Bill had to run and buy another box of muffin papers, so the muffins weren’t completely out-of-pantry. I only have one 6-muffin pan, so we popped liners into a 9″x13″ pan and baked a lot of funny-shaped ones. I tried the muffin batter in an 8″x8″ baking pan, too. We haven’t sampled it, but I’ll let you know if it worked. And the last spoonful of squash puree went into the vegetable soup in the crockpot.

Don’t wait for a freezer door accident to try out this recipe. It is a great way to stretch your monthly food budget. The only downside is that every batch is different, because you are using what is available to you.You could write down your ingredients so you can replicate it, but that won’t be happening here. I’ll take my chances with each recipe.


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