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Don’t Go Sour on Saving – National Pickle Day

Pucker up! It’s National Pickle Day!

That little fruit (yep, it is officially a fruit) that sits quietly in the jar in your refrigerator is a legend. Cleopatra allegedly crunched them. Amerigo Vespucci peddled them. Elvis fried them.

A Dutchman named William Beukelz gets the credit for the name “pickle,” although it seems he pickled fish and not cucumbers. But who are we to question? Shakespeare did it for us, writing in The Tempest, ” How camest thou in this pickle?”

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According to Pickle Packers Intl. Inc., Americans are crazy about pickles, and consume more than 2.5 billion of them every year. In 1949, when the organization was simply called National Pickle Packers and hadn’t yet gone global, they actually found a guy named Dill Pickle, and floated him in a giant vat of pickles. The pickle even has its own polka. I guess the little guy deserves to be serenaded by accordions everywhere.

Oh, and now that Christmas is rolling around, keep a lookout for that little pickle ornament that is tucked into many American Christmas trees.

Peddling Pickles

You might be wondering how the topic of pickles ended up on a blogging site. Well, back in the day, women often preserved pickles and sold them for profit – as a side hustle? Think about it. Perhaps you could put Aunt Polly’s pickle recipe in play.

Bob Farrell of Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor fame often talked about giving his customers “the pickle.” The phrase sprang from a letter he received from a customer, who complained that he asked for another pickle while dining in his restaurant.  Farrell’s speech works for budding entrepreneurs and bloggers as well.

I believe that the journey of wealth includes giving. I encourage you to visit the site of Arthur Cohen, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2014. He found a way to raise awareness through one of his hobbies – growing cucumbers and making pickles. Arthur’s Pickals donates the proceeds from each jar to ALS organizations.

I hope I gave you the pickle in this blog.


UPDATE: We were saddened to hear that Arthur Cohen moved on to his next big adventure – he passed away in August of 2017. His pickles are still fighting for a cure for ALS. Keep Arthur’s spirit alive by visiting his website today.

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