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The 2 most important ways to create wealth

    You have the ability to gain wealth through willpower and wisdom, without spending money on education. Don’t misunderstand me – I am a believer in educating yourself through reading, learning from others and taking risks.  But you can usually group everything you will learn into two categories – earn more and spend less. EARN MORE You must make more than you spend – it is as simple as that. This is where I lost my way for a while, using my credit cards to buy things I needed…

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5 sources to help you stay frugal.

    Friday was my last day at Job #3. Although it didn’t last as long as I had originally planned, I am happy it has ended. I have found that 17-hour work days leave little time for cleaning my home, laundry, eating, sleeping, and comprehending the world around me. I was a living zombie the last few weeks. But I  banked some money by practicing frugal habits, and Job #3 paychecks were directly deposited into my Financial Freedom account. I could have used some of this money to pay…

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Einstein, a cat in a box, and wealth.

A dear friend wrote to me this morning, and he included an excerpt of his journal that mentioned Einstein and his Gedankenexperiment, “ideas that he twirled around in his head rather than in a lab… This is the way my thoughts whirl in the early morning.” Thought Experiments Gedankenexperimente, or  Gedankenexperiment (meaning “thought experiment” in German), describes a conceptual approach to theory instead of actual experiments, including his work with the theory of relativity. In other words, Einstein sometimes used thought to understand the world. Thought experiments were used by other…

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I had no idea my parents were a part of my financial future.

My dad left school when he was 16. It was 1935. His father was very ill and could no longer work. So Dad found work at a potato house, sewing that thick string into the tops of 5-lb. bags of potatoes. But when he heard that a local earthmoving company was hiring, he quickly put in an application. He was hired (the youngest ever to be hired there at the time) and began moving up in the company, while earning his high school diploma and two engineering degrees at night.…

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My blog is a casserole.

  Have you ever typed in a word or phrase, and spellcheck changes it into something that looks nothing like your original phrase? For instance, I was texting someone and meant to say “I like that place.” Spellcheck typed out “Let Lebanon read.” Or just a few minutes ago, I was doing a search for Cash Crone on a web site, and the search function asked if I was really looking for the word “casserole.” Really? Casserole is a one-pot dish, or the pot used to cook a one-pot dish.…

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