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10 steps to reducing credit card debt in 2016

Wow. The year 2015 may have been the year of the sheep – gentle and calm – but it was a fast one! But the last part of the year was definitely more focused, and I laid in a course for a better money blueprint. I worked to reduce my credit card debt and bring in more money to save for investments. This past week, I paid off credit card number 2! Yeehaw! An insurance check from an accident arrived, and it was deposited in the bank. But after careful…

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My blog is a casserole.

  Have you ever typed in a word or phrase, and spellcheck changes it into something that looks nothing like your original phrase? For instance, I was texting someone and meant to say “I like that place.” Spellcheck typed out “Let Lebanon read.” Or just a few minutes ago, I was doing a search for Cash Crone on a web site, and the search function asked if I was really looking for the word “casserole.” Really? Casserole is a one-pot dish, or the pot used to cook a one-pot dish….

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