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Once upon a mattress – and a movie to help you sleep

A good night’s sleep is never a waste of time – or money. According to a 2014 study conducted by the Better Sleep Council, many consumers just don’t know how to choose a mattress. But a good mattress is an important part of having a restful night. Oklahoma State University researchers found that study participants slept better and had fewer aches and pains when they slept on new mattresses, regardless of age, weight, or body mass index. Mattresses are expensive, and many of us are hesitant to purchase a new…

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BACON can help you get on the road to wealth in 5 steps.

I love bacon. The problem is, the bacon I love is the nitrite-free, uncured, local, pasture-raised kind. That means it costs more to enjoy.     Although I am on a budget, I still buy this bacon on occasion, because it is important to enjoy the journey on the way to wealth. I use it wisely, and never, ever, waste it. The grease goes into a jar and is used to add fat and flavor to other dishes.   Here’s how you can use BACON to help you become debt-free:…

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Manifesting Money 

Irish sayings that can help you save the green

We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th! I can honestly say that I do have roots in Ireland on one branch of the family tree (my mother’s father came to the United States in the late 1800s). The holiday, with its green beer and festive swagger (or stagger) is a bit odd, as it celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, who was not Irish, and the first parade was held not in Ireland but in the United States!     Do you ever wonder why you are told…

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Book clubs could be used as money mastermind groups

  Are you a member or leader of a monthly book club? Why not turn it into a money mastermind support group?   Most book clubs choose books from bestseller lists to read and discuss with other members. But that monthly meeting could help every member make money by focusing on wealth-building or success principles.   Napoleon Hill, author of Master Key to Riches, says that everyone needs “friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth.” He suggests mastermind groups to create a supportive environment – two…

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January food budget results!

    I hope some of you climbed aboard the food challenge train this month! Although I have practiced frugality for a long time, I still learned a few things this past month. But first, I will share the budget numbers. My original budget for January was $300. That seems high for one person, but my food budget includes non-food household items and vitamins (some people separate the two, but I find it easier to put them together as I shop for both at the same time). My January spending…

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