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Money-saving tips I learned from older relatives

My parents were older by the time I came along. They both grew up during the Depression, so they learned how to save money by doing without. Experience as parents gave them more insight. I have now raised my own children and have more adventures in my memory that I could ever share – and I don’t want to share some of it. But every generation has knowledge and truths that can be passed on to the next. Sometimes you can even learn from the bad advice, by doing the…

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Food Budget Challenge: 2 weeks on a no-spend menu

My partner Bill Spaid (not his real name – his name has been changed to protect his innocence) left this morning. Oh, he’s coming back. He’s had some projects scheduled in another city for several months – he’ll be back home in two weeks. In the meantime, I will put in some extra work hours and take on household duties as a solo. I decided that since Bill is going to be gone for a couple of weeks, it would be a good time to go on another food budget…

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Loyalty programs - are they good for the budget?

Our keychains are loaded with the little plastic store loyalty cards. We receive special email newsletters and announcements of sales. But recently, Whole Foods announced it was discontinuing its store loyalty program. Will customers walk away from the big green grocer? Disloyalty? “Whole Foods will lose very few customers by discontinuing their loyalty program,” says John Larson, author of the book, Capturing Loyalty: How to Measure, Generate, and Profit from Highly Satisfied Customers. Larson is senior partner at John Larson & Company, and has held positions at McKinsey & Co., Monitor…

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Food Budget Challenge Update!

  Last week’s self-imposed Food Budget Challenge forced me to take a look at my spending habits in the kitchen, and come up with creative ways to use it up, make it do, or do without. I realized I was in a pretty good position to spend a fraction of the $300 allotted in my budget this month. And I had to come to grips with my biggest food habit.     Coffee. Because this is not a starvation food challenge (and I count doing without coffee as starving, Cronies),…

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January Food Budget Challenge!

How low can you go? On your food budget, that is! I created my January budget over the weekend, and realized some numbers needed to change. My food budget is pretty big at $300 for one full-time person and one part-time person (Bill Spaid spends part of his month here). I don’t drink wine or beer, but I really love coffee. Good coffee. So the beans are “spendy.” Sometimes I’ll mix my first choice of coffee beans with less expensive beans, but it is an item that is on my list every…

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