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DIY ways to help hurricane victims

We can still help others while staying on budget. Although I have a “give” envelope in my budget, there are other ways we can help. Many people are being displaced and evacuated during the recent hurricanes, and others have been homeless for some time. Here are some ways you can help:     Plastic bag bedrolls The sidewalk or shelter floors can wear on anyone’s bones and make for poor sleeping. These DIY crocheted bedrolls are made from plastic grocery bags! They can be washed easily and tied into a…

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Solar Shutout! The solar eclipse on August 21st.

On August 21st, the day goes dark – in a good way! It’s a once-in-our lifetime chance to see a total solar eclipse. There goes the sun Solar eclipses happen about every 18 months, but this is the first total eclipse to be visible in the United States in 40 years. The blocking of light (called the path of totality) will be visible across the entire continent. Because the moon is full of hills and valleys like Earth, you would also see what scientist’s call “Baily’s beads,” a trickling of…

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Giving Old Bricks a New Life

During the demolition process of Eleven House’s interior, we removed two brick chimneys that were unsafe and unnecessary, now that we were going with electric heat and a pellet stove.   Taking it down We removed bricks from the roof level and tossed them to the hillside on the edge of the property. Then we removed the inside bricks and stacked them in the room that will eventually be a kitchen. They have been there ever since. I considered using them outside in the narrow part of the property. But…

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Gift Guide for DIYers

With Eleven House in process and my current house loaded with boxes that I pulled from the storage unit (saving me $60 per month, but making me a little crazy with the mess), I have pushed the holiday celebrations to the side. I just sent off two big boxes of family decorations to my two sons. I want to travel lighter, and I would rather gift these items now. But time marches on, and we’re already into December! Here are a few ideas for gifts for that DIYer in your life:…

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12 Ways Honeybees Can Teach You About Home

In my previous life, BBLE (Before Big Life Events), I kept honeybees. The honeybee was, and still is, one of my deepest passions, and each time I see one it makes me smile. Honeybees are social creatures with their lives centered on their home. The recent focus on the honeybee and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has caused more Americans to learn about – and appreciate – the hard-working insect. They are magical bits of sunshine, and we need them more than you know.  Every time I visited the honeybees, I came…

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