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Potato chips are the beloved sandwich sidekick

With National Potato Chip Day coming up on March 14, we wanted to share some fun facts about this salty snack.

There are a few stories about its origins – perhaps chef George Crum sliced and fried those paper-thin beauties for Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt back in the mid 1800s. Or it may have been Mary Randolf, who added a recipe for potato chips (called fried shavings) in her cookbook in 1824. Who really knows for sure – legends shift and change over the years. But no matter how they were born, potato chips are a favorite side dish for sandwiches and other foods.

Here are a few facts we can bet on:

The average potato chip is between .04 and .08 of an inch thick. I guess that is optimum crunch thickness.

During World War II, potato chips were considered a luxury food, so their production was stopped. But after the public called foul, they reversed the decision.

Potato chips used to be transported in barrels.

Photo by Lars Blankers of Unsplash

Small potato chip companies:

Sajuaro Potato Chips – this little Tucson company produces salsa and other food items along with their kettle-fried chips.

Billy Goat Chip Company – the owner started making them in his restaurant and gained a following.

Fox Family Potato Chips – They come from Maine, and taste like real potatoes. Really. And their bag is adorable.

Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips – only potatoes from the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington make it into the red-striped bag.

Rusty’s Chips – sliced without rinsing and slow cooked, these chips are more spendy than others. But order a bag, and make up your own mind.


Other potato chip-ish stuff:

Potato Chip Science – we love this science kit for kids! Great for homeschooling, or just to feed your geek need.

Does your frugal mind hate to throw out the crumbly bits at the bottom of the potato chip bag? Fear not. Pour that salty goodness into a bowl and coat chicken strips. Here’s the recipe.

Ben and Jerry’s has an ice cream flavor that includes potato chips and pretzels. Why not recreate it at home? It sounds weird, but the sweet and salty taste is just right. Mix at will – or go for a more luxurious recipe here that includes chocolate covered Kettle Chips. You are welcome.

We love the ideas for recycling potato chip bags on this site. And since most potato chip bags cannot be recycled, reusing those bags is the best plan. The little silver bag is just as cute as that bag you buy at the card store for much more than a bag of chips. And we found this tote bag made of chip bags.

Wow – this brings back memories! Remember the gum wrapper chains we made in school? Here is a purse made from potato chip bag chains.

Or you could make colorful beads from the bags.

Let us know how you celebrated National Potato Chip Day in the comments below.

Feature photo by anonymous of Unsplash

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