About Cash Crone


Hi! I am Rosie Wolf Williams, also known as Cash Crone.

When you hear the word “crone,” you may envision a withered, old hag who lives in a dark cave. In truth, the word is a description of a woman who has entered the third stage of her life; a woman of wisdom, spiritual clarity and knowledge. I have my share of wrinkles and sags, but I have never regretted the events that helped form who I am today. I have had some wonderful adventures and faced many challenges in this lifetime. And the challenges are just as important as the rewards! I know that our thoughts are our magic wands, and if we understand the power we hold inside ourselves – our lives have unlimited possibility!

Although there has always been enough – and I am so grateful for that – I hadn’t found the secret to financial abundance. Over the last few months I have focused in on where I am and why I am here (in a financial sense) and have been truly honest with myself about my money management. If you are reading this blog, you must be on a financial journey of your own. Perhaps we can learn from each other.

Outside of this chronicle of my financial journey, I am a freelance writer and voice artist .  My writing credits include work in magazines such as Woman’s Day, USA Weekend, Boys’ Life, AARP the Magazine, and many others. I have ghost blogged and/or contributed content for online sites including Forbes.com, NextAvenue.com, Costco Connection, Living on the Cheap, etc.  I am actively looking for appropriate sponsors and affiliate opportunities for CashCrone.com. You can learn more about my work here: www.AlwaysRosie.com . Contact me to discuss your editorial or audio needs!

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