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Solar Shutout! The solar eclipse on August 21st.

On August 21st, the day goes dark – in a good way! It’s a once-in-our lifetime chance to see a total solar eclipse. There goes the sun Solar eclipses happen about every 18 months, but this is the first total eclipse to be visible in the United States in 40 years. The blocking of light (called the path of totality) will be visible across the entire continent. Because the moon is full of hills and valleys like Earth, you would also see what scientist’s call “Baily’s beads,” a trickling of…

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Credit Cards Money Management 

4 Ways to use your credit cards and save money

Credit cards can be a problem. But Cash Cronies understand that those plastic cards are a bit like magic wands. They can help you manifest a bigger savings account. But they must be brandished carefully, and with the right intentions, or  they can turn into roaring, money-grabbing monsters. Warning: I am not a financial advisor. I am a consumer, just like you, who is working to save money, increase wealth, and spend wisely. Your mileage may vary! Here are a few tips to help you conjure some savings: Pay attention…

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