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Habits of frugal people

Being frugal is different than being cheap. Frugality takes some strategy – it means you spend money in a smart way, not necessarily the least expensive way. You use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. You save money when possible, and stretch the same money as far as possible. By using some of these strategies, you can make frugal work for you, too: Use it up. It shouldn’t be embarrassing. Go ahead and drain the last sweet drop of maple syrup out of that bottle.…

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Manifesting Money Money Management 

Save money and become more planet-friendly.

My Toastmasters speaking group meets once a week for a few hours. I love my group, and I look forward to our meetings not only as a social break, but also as a way to practice and expand my speaking abilities. But there is one small thing that makes me cringe every time I go. We are offered water – in plastic or styrofoam throwaway glasses. It might seem insignificant and even unworthy of a second thought. But I think about the number of cups that are tossed into the…

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Save money and make your own child's Halloween costume

Cash Crone is delighted to share this adorable winter mermaid costume, created by Arizona artist Auriel Elmore. Auriel specializes in unique costumes made from thrifted or low-cost materials. “I started making my own costumes long before I had my own kids – all because my mom made my costumes my whole life. I think she’d rather throw a sheet on me every year and call me a ghost than buy a pre-made Halloween costume,” Elmore laughs. “Mass-made retail costumes have always been against her ‘creative religion,’ and of course, they…

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Is your CSA food box a worthwhile budget item?

I was busy tossing out mailers and junk mail earlier this week when one caught my eye. Could it be? It was a postcard from a local organic market – it stated that there were opening for their CSA (community supported/shared agriculture) delivery service in my area. One of the things I have been looking for since I landed in Ontario is a farmer’s market network, so I wasted no time in signing up. Community supported or shared agriculture I’m sure your first question is: Is a CSA really worth…

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Budget Savvy Eating Well For Less - and Other Kitchen Charms Seasonal 

Save money on pumpkin buying

Yesterday I went to the grocery and noticed the big boxes full of orange pumpkins, waiting to be chosen by children as their special Halloween pumpkins. It is a thoughtful choice. Whether the pumpkin is in a store container, or still languishing in the field, each must be viewed from all sides, inspected for warts and bruises, imagined as a gruesome, smiling ogre that will greet other children at the door on the spookiest of all nights. But if the perfect pumpkin is elusive or if you aren’t making important…

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